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Mobile diesel generator set + convenient + fast [2019-10-23]
The trailer frame of the mobile diesel generator set is welded by slot beams, with reasonable node selection, high strength and good rigidity; meanwhile, it is equipped with a leaf spring suspension structure. The trailer adopts a height-adjustable pin-type traction frame, which is suitable for various height tractors; round steel pipes are used to weld straight-through axles, and the structure is compact, safe and reliable.
Structural principle of diesel generator set [2019-10-22]
Diesel generators are usually composed of stator, rotor, end cover and bearings. The stator consists of the stator core, the wire winding, the machine base, and other structural parts that fix these parts. The rotor is composed of rotor core (or magnetic pole, magnetic choke) winding, guard ring, center ring, slip ring, fan and rotating shaft.
What is the role of diesel oil [2019-08-10]
Lubricating oil is a liquid or semi-solid lubricant used in various types of automobiles, machinery and equipment to reduce friction and protect machinery and processed parts. It mainly functions as lubrication, auxiliary cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. As long as it is applied between two relatively moving objects to reduce the wear of the two objects
Cummins generator Happy Valentine's Day [2019-08-07]
It's easy to see the difficulties when you are alone. Falling water is falling in spring, heaven and earth. The Qixi Bridge Festival in the sky, the crescent moon is full of affection. The world is looking forward to reunion tonight, and the scenery will never be forgotten. Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment wishes Happy Valentine's Day to Valentine's Day!
ATS self-switching operation steps [2019-08-05]
Every system, every operation. Different procedures have different operating procedures. Improper operation is prone to failure, and should be handled in time when there is a failure. Diesel generators need to operate correctly, so how should ATS operate? Below we answer your questions.
What should I pay attention to when installing the exhaust system? [2019-07-31]
Lian Yu didn't know that spring was going, but it was sunny and Xia Shen was deep. I do not know the heat, but it is a long summer. On a hot summer day, I knew the cicadas. Every diesel engine, every system has every step and installation matters. Correct installation and correct use can reduce the trouble and failure during use.
Attention to high temperature conditions of high temperature diesel generators in summer [2019-07-29]
Summer is hot, Tiangong seems to have a fever, and the temperature reaches above 35 degrees! The sun is like a fireball, roasting the ground, the air is sweltering, and the ground is hot. Without a trace of wind and leaves moving, can your diesel generator cool it down?
500KW Cummins customer site inspection machine [2019-07-23]
Yesterday, customers from Tangshan, Hebei, in order to be able to witness our company's assembly and load testing, a group of 3 people took an airplane from Tangshan, Hebei to Taizhou, and our company sent the pilot to pick up from Yangtai Airport. This shows our company's sincere cooperation with customers.
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