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There are five fears of diesel generator sets, do you know what they are most afraid of [2017-03-07]
Diesel generator sets are deactivated, and diesel generator sets are providers of emergency backup power after a mains failure. Most of the time, the units are in standby mode. Once the power fails, the units are required to "start in an emergency and supply power in an emergency" Otherwise, the standby unit will lose its meaning. How can we achieve this goal? Practice has proved that strengthening the maintenance of daily generator sets is the most cost-effective method, because the unit is in a static state for a long time, and the various materials of the unit itself will undergo complex chemical and physical changes with oil, cooling water, diesel, air, etc. Stop broken. " If it is not maintained for a long time, the following problems will occur.
1. The starting battery of the unit is faulty.

The battery is left unattended for a long time, and the electrolyte cannot be replenished in time after the moisture of the electrolyte evaporates. The starter battery charger is not configured, and the battery is long.
Improper operation of diesel generators is not allowed [2016-12-30]
The incorrect operation of diesel generators will seriously affect the service life of diesel generators. Let ’s take a look at the daily operation of diesel generators.
The difference between electronic and mechanical speed regulation of Yuchai diesel generator [2016-12-30]
Many users often only consider the price when purchasing diesel generator sets, and they know nothing about many configurations and performances of generator sets. Even if it is the same model, the same power, the same configuration, if it is mechanical speed regulation and electronic speed regulation, Its price is still very different. The price of mechanical debugging is very cheap.
Manual and automatic operation mode of diesel generator ATS [2016-12-30]
The Chinese name of diesel generator set ATS is dual power switch. Under normal circumstances, diesel generator sets used as emergency power sources need to be equipped with ATS. Many customers know very little about the operation methods of diesel generator sets ATS. Today Taizhou Fengfa Power introduces it to everyone.
Can diesel generators use biodiesel [2016-12-30]
Biodiesel refers to regenerative diesel fuel made from oil crops, aquatic vegetable oils and fats, animal oils, and catering waste oil through a transesterification process. As early as many years ago, research on replacing petrochemical diesel with biodiesel has been carried out internationally, and considerable progress has been made. Can diesel generators use biodiesel?
Is the fuel consumption of diesel generators directly proportional to the load? [2016-12-30]
The fuel consumption of diesel generators has always been the focus of customer attention. Many customers directly inquire about the fuel consumption of diesel generators. The fuel consumption of generators is generally related to two aspects, one is the fuel consumption rate of the generator itself, and the other is the size of the load. And many customers think that the fuel consumption of the unit is directly proportional to the load
Installation points of Cummins diesel generator set cylinder liner [2016-12-30]
The diesel generator set accessory cylinder liner is embedded in the cylinder of the cylinder block, and forms a combustion chamber with the piston and the cylinder head together. The installation of the cylinder liner will affect the operation of the diesel engine, so the following points should be noted when installing the cylinder liner of the generator set accessories
Three points need to be verified before operating a diesel generator set [2016-12-30]
For the operator, before taking over the new diesel generator set, it is necessary to confirm three aspects before proceeding. So what are the three points to verify? Fengfa Power technicians summarize for you as follows
Which aspects need to be considered when choosing a diesel generator room [2016-12-30]
Everyone knows that diesel generator sets have high requirements for ventilation and heat dissipation. Therefore, when selecting the location of the engine room, it is necessary to consider the air intake, exhaust, and smoke of the unit. Experienced, a few notes for everyone

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