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Three points to verify before operating a diesel generator set

泰州市锋发动力设备有限公司 人气: 78 发表时间:2016-12-30 Article Source: Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Popularity: 78Published time: 2016-12-30

For the operator, before taking over the new diesel generator set, it is necessary to confirm three aspects before proceeding. So what are the three points to verify? Fengfa Power technicians summarize for you as follows.

1. Verify the real useful power of the diesel generator set, and then determine the economic power and standby power. The method of verifying the real useful power of a diesel generator set is: a 12-hour rated power of the diesel engine multiplied by 0.9 to obtain a data (kw). If the rated power of the generator is less than or equal to this data, the rated power of the generator is used as the real usefulness of the unit Power, if the rated power of the generator is greater than this data, the data must be used as the real useful power of the unit.
2. Verify which self-protection functions the diesel generator has.
3. Verify whether the power wiring of the diesel generator set is qualified, whether the protective grounding is reliable, and whether the three-phase load is basically balanced.

After the verification of the above three points, we can know what we have in mind and perform reasonable operations in the subsequent operation process to ensure that the maximum utility of the diesel generator set is exerted. In case of sudden conditions, we can also take timely measures according to the actual situation of the generator set. Responses.
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