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Installation points of Cummins diesel generator set accessories

泰州市锋发动力设备有限公司 人气: 91 发表时间:2016-12-30 Article Source: Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Popularity: 91Published time: 2016-12-30

The diesel generator set accessory cylinder liner is embedded in the cylinder of the cylinder block, and forms a combustion chamber with the piston and the cylinder head together. The installation of the cylinder liner will affect the operation of the diesel engine, so the following points should be noted when installing the cylinder liner of the generator set accessories:

1) Do not forget to install the liner before the liner is in place, and carefully check the cleanliness of each part.
2) Do not press too much into the cylinder liner, especially when the shoulder on the cylinder liner is in contact with the plane of the upper seat hole of the body, you can not continue to press harder, you can use the cylinder head pressure, but be sure to put the old cylinder head pad in the middle, In order to prevent the cylinder head from pressing against the inner mouth of the cylinder liner, the lower plane of the shoulder contacts the upper plane of the upper seat hole of the body, forming a pair of force couples, which is sufficient to cause the cylinder liner to break from the weak part of the lower shoulder; another method is to The head bolts are made of sleeves with feet according to half the number of the cylinder head bolts. The length of the feet is just pressed against the cylinder head gasket of the cylinder set. It cannot be long. The sleeves are symmetrically sleeved on the cylinder head bolts. The nuts are alternately symmetrically pressed Tight, after the cylinder sleeve is in place.
3) Before positioning the cylinder liner, check the positioning line or mark of the cylinder liner and the body, and the position of the cylinder liner cushion.
4) Water seal ring installation, water seal ring inspection is intact and the size meets the above standards. When the water seal ring is set, lift it by hand for one or two times before falling. Check that the water seal ring is not twisted or rolled. , The tightness of the circumference must be uniform, the interface of the abrasive tool should be at the upper and lower parts, and then the lifted part should be dropped into the groove, and the inspection should be correct.
5) Before the cylinder is set into the body, apply alkaline soap solution or neutral lubricant to the water seal ring, and lubricate the water seal ring and the hole in the lower seat of the body when the cylinder is installed to prevent water seal damage and rolling. , Dislocation and other abnormal phenomena.

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