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Can diesel generators use biodiesel

泰州市锋发动力设备有限公司 人气: 87 发表时间:2016-12-30 Article Source: Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Popularity: 87Published time: 2016-12-30

I received a customer call today saying that the diesel generator set they purchase can use biodiesel? First, Taizhou Fengfa Power tells customers what biodiesel is.

Biodiesel refers to regenerative diesel fuel made from oil crops, aquatic vegetable oils and fats, animal oils, and catering waste oil through a transesterification process. As early as many years ago, research on replacing petrochemical diesel with biodiesel has been carried out internationally, and considerable progress has been made. Can diesel generators use biodiesel?
Not long ago, the Shanghai Food Safety Commission Office and other departments reached a cooperation with the Engine Research Center to use the biodiesel produced by the kitchen waste oil (commonly known as trench oil) as auxiliary energy for diesel generators.
In fact, the research has been carried out since 2005. The study found that a blend of 10% biodiesel and 90% petrochemical diesel can be used without any changes to the engine of the diesel generator. Basically, the indicators for the power, economy, and durability of the diesel generator engine are basic. There is no impact, but the biodiesel contains oxygen and the emission of nitrogen oxides has increased, but "the change is basically not felt".
This mixed fuel containing trench oil has been tested on three diesel generators and 50 diesel taxis in Shanghai and has been running for more than 1,000 hours. No significant impact on diesel generators has been found for the time being. However, some experts said that the performance of biodiesel is not stable enough at this stage, and the added value is low, so it cannot be used for diesel generators.
At this stage, biodiesel and petrochemical diesel can be mixed in a certain proportion, and this mixed fuel is supplied to the diesel generator set. Fengfa Power believes that with the advancement of science and technology, people's research in the field of biodiesel will definitely make a breakthrough, thereby reducing the consumption of natural energy and protecting the earth's resources.