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Diesel generator set ATS manual and automatic operation

泰州市锋发动力设备有限公司 人气: 88 发表时间:2016-12-30 Article Source: Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Popularity: 88Published time: 2016-12-30

The diesel generator set ATS is called Automatic Transfer Switching Equipment, and the Chinese name is Dual Power Switch. Under normal circumstances, diesel generator sets used as emergency power sources need to be equipped with ATS. Many customers do not know much about the operation method of diesel generator sets ATS. Today Taizhou Fengfa Power introduced to everyone.

1. Manual operation mode of ATS module of diesel generator set: After turning on the power key, press the module “Manual” key to start directly. When the diesel generator set starts successfully and runs normally, at the same time, the automation module also enters the self-test state, it will automatically enter Speed-up state. After the speed-up is successful, the unit will enter the automatic closing and grid-connected power grid according to the display of the module.

2. Automatic operation mode of ATS module of diesel generator set: Set the module to the "automatic" position, the unit enters the quasi-starting state. In the automatic state, the external power supply signal automatically detects and discriminates the long-term power supply status. Once the mains fails or loses power, it will enter the automatic start state immediately. When the utility power comes in, it will automatically switch off and slow down. When the mains power returns to normal, as confirmed by the system 3S, the unit will automatically trip and exit the network, delay for 3 minutes, automatically stop, and automatically enter the next automatic start preparation state.

In fact, the diesel generator set used as a common power source does not necessarily require that every unit be equipped with ATS, so in order to better save unnecessary expenses for the enterprise, you must remember to ask the manufacturer when choosing a diesel generator set Be clear.

In addition, Taizhou Fengfa's products are among the same brand and the same configuration of diesel generator sets. The prices are the most favorable. All brands of diesel generator sets are free of charge nationwide. No matter what area you use in China, you can enjoy free services. Users can rest assured.

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