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The difference between electronic and mechanical speed control of Yuchai diesel generator

泰州市锋发动力设备有限公司 人气: 96 发表时间:2016-12-30 Article Source: Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Popularity: 96Published : 2016-12-30

Many users often only consider the price when purchasing diesel generator sets, and they know nothing about many configurations and performances of generator sets. Even if it is the same model, the same power, the same configuration, if it is mechanical speed regulation and electronic speed regulation, Its price is still very different. The price of mechanical debugging is very cheap.

In general, Fengfa Power is considered by the user. When the user has not made any special requirements and the price is not very low, generally it is a diesel generator set with electronic speed regulation. Unless the customer is pushing the price down Low, when we have no other choice, we can only choose mechanical debugging. The mechanical speed regulation of the diesel generator set, after it is started, the general throttle needs to be fixed. In this way, no matter what the load output of the generator set changes, it The amount of oil delivered is still the same and will never change. For electronically regulated diesel generators, its oil delivery will change with the size of the load. When the load becomes smaller, the oil output of the generator will also change. When it becomes smaller, the fuel consumption of the diesel generator set will decrease, and when the load output becomes larger, the fuel consumption of the diesel generator will increase. In addition, the diesel generator set that uses electronic speed regulation will be equipped with automation. The automatic conversion function also has better stability. Therefore, in general, the generators of Fengfa Power are basically electronically-regulated generators.

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