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How to choose the right diesel generator set

Article source: 发表时间:2019-07-16 Popularity : 18Published time: 2019-07-16

Users should pay attention to the following points when selecting diesel generators:
1. The performance and quality of the selected diesel generator set must meet the requirements of relevant standards. Diesel generators are widely used in emergency backup power supplies for telecommunications, finance and financial departments, hospitals, schools, businesses, industrial and mining enterprises and residential, military and field operations, Independent power supply for vehicles and ships for special purposes.
As a communication diesel generator set, it must meet the requirements of G3 or Level 4 in GB2820-1997, and meet the performance indicators specified in the "Implementation Principles for Quality Inspection and Certification of Communication Diesel Generators into the Network". Passed the rigorous inspection by the Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Communication Power Equipment set up by the competent authorities in our industry.
As a military communications diesel generator set, it must meet the relevant GB2820-1297, GTB-related standards and the "Quality Testing Standards for Communication Power Equipment" formulated by the relevant departments of the military, and must pass strict inspections of equipment quality by relevant organizations.
2. The main factors that should be considered in the selection of diesel generator sets The factors that should be considered in the selection of generator sets are mainly mechanical and electrical performance, the purpose of the unit, the capacity and change range of the load, the automation function, etc.
(1) The purpose of the unit. The dry purple oil generator set can be used in three situations: commonly used, standby and emergency. Therefore, the requirements for diesel generator sets are different for different uses.
(2) Load capacity. The beech load capacity and load variation range should be selected according to the same purpose to determine the single unit capacity and the capacity of the standby diesel generator set of the diesel generator set.
(3) the environmental conditions of the machine (mainly refers to the altitude and climatic conditions).
(4) The choice of firewood generator.
(5) The choice of Youmu motor and excitation mode.
(6) The choice of the automation function of diesel generators.
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