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Attention to high temperature conditions of high temperature diesel generators in summer

Article source: 发表时间:2019-07-29 Popularity : 12Published time: 2019-07-29

In the summer of Ming, the sun continues to greet the sun. Of course, in addition to the scorching sun and thunderstorms, high-temperature weather is also the peak period of power consumption. If you use a diesel generator for a long time, you must also pay attention to some issues, otherwise you will reduce the reliability of the diesel engine .
1. The generator should not be operated for a long time in the high temperature environment exposed to sunlight.
2. If the use environment is bad, the air quality is poor, and the dust entering the generator is too much, the unit should be cleaned regularly.
3. Always clean the dust and dirt in the ventilation channel to keep it unobstructed.
4. Before starting, check whether the circulating cooling water in the water tank is sufficient. If it is insufficient, fill it with purified water. Because the heating of the unit is based on water circulation to dissipate heat.
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