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What is the role of diesel oil

Article source: 发表时间:2019-08-10 Popularity : 19Published time: 2019-08-10

Lubricants should use regular manufacturers, choose good high quality.
Lubricant is also called engine oil. Oil used in the moving parts of machinery. For lubrication, cooling, sealing, etc. Depending on the source, there are mineral lubricants, vegetable lubricants (such as castor oil), animal lubricants (such as whale wax oil), and so on.

(1) The main role of lubricating oil
A Lubrication and reducing friction resistance The function of lubricating oil is to lubricate various parts in the engine and form a layer of oil film between the two surfaces to reduce friction resistance and make the operation smoother.
B. Sealing effect The lubricating oil must be able to form an effective seal between the piston ring and the cylinder to prevent leakage of vapors and intrusion of external pollutants.
C cooling effect During the operation, the friction between the parts and the parts generates a lot of heat or high temperature. The role of the lubricating oil is to cool and reduce the temperature of the engine.
D Cleanliness removes harmful impurities and unburned insoluble substances in the machine, keeps these pollutants away from the lubricating surface and avoids the formation of sludge
E. Anti-corrosion function If the lubricating oil can provide a completely separated oil film of the contact parts, it will reduce the chance of contact and wear of the parts and prevent the metal surface from being corroded.
(2) Grade of lubricant
A The American Society of Automotive Engineers has a short term of SAE for oil viscosity grades. It has 0wSW1OwI5W20W25w. It is a multi-grade oil used in cold regions. The smaller the number, the better its low temperature performance. The higher the viscosity, such as 15W40, indicates that the oil meets the requirements of 15W at low temperatures and the viscosity of 100 meets the requirements of SAE40
B The American Petroleum Institute ’s assessment standard for engine oil quality grades is referred to as AP gasoline engine oil. The above are domestic Yuchai diesel generator sets, Cummins generators, domestic generators, Yuchai generators, and Yuchai diesel generators produced by Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., Ltd. Your answer, please contact us for details: 18994716566