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Structural principle of diesel generator set

Article source: 发表时间:2019-10-22 Popularity : 2Published time: 2019-10-22

Diesel generators are usually composed of stator, rotor, end cover and bearings. The stator consists of a stator core, a wire winding, a machine base, and other structural parts that fix these parts. The rotor is composed of rotor core (or magnetic pole, magnetic choke) winding, guard ring, center ring, slip ring, fan and rotating shaft.

The diesel generator set is generally composed of a diesel engine, an AC synchronous generator, and a control panel (distribution and control system). The diesel engine and the three-phase AC synchronous generator are generally rigidly connected and installed directly on the trailer through a shock absorber. Rack or fixed bracket. The control panel, diesel tank and battery box of the mobile diesel generator set are directly installed on the frame; the common base of the fixed diesel generator set is generally fixed on the specially designed reinforced concrete foundation, and the battery is placed on the side of the starter of the diesel engine. The control panel of the fixed unit is mounted on the upper part of the AC synchronous generator through a triangular iron bracket, and the smaller control panel is mounted on the upper part of the generator control component housing. According to the design requirements of the user or the manufacturer, the diesel tank of the fixed diesel generator set is installed on the common base, and some are separately installed from the diesel generator. 国产玉柴柴油发电机组、康明斯发电机、国产发电机、玉柴发电机、玉柴柴油发电机 为您解答,详情请咨询:18994716566 The above is the domestic Yuchai diesel generator set, Cummins generator, domestic generator, Yuchai generator, Yuchai diesel generator of Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., Ltd. For your answers, please contact: 18947716566