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Fengfa Power focuses on generator set manufacturing for 30 years and provides various brands of generator sets and power application solutions

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Taizhou Fengfa Power Equipment Co., Ltd. can provide you with various power of open or ultra-quiet generators, containers, trailers and other products from various on-site units, industrial units, residential units, commercial mobile units. , The power covers 3-3000KVA. We have many years of experience in the production and manufacturing of generator sets, and are professional and skilled. We are ready to provide you with a full range of power solutions, related equipment products and services.

Main product accessory types ● Imported engine parts: Cummins series, Mann series, Perkins series, Volvo Regal series, Doosan Daewoo series, Mitsubishi series Yangdong series, Wuxi power series ● Generator accessories: Stanford series, Marathon series, Inge series, Lilaisenma series ● Generator set consumables: air filter, diesel filter, oil filter, oil-water separator , CD, CF, CG grade lubricants, rust inhibitors, etc. ● Typical accessories: cylinder liner, piston, piston ring, intake valve, exhaust valve, front and rear oil seals, crankshaft, crankshaft bush, connecting rod body, connecting rod bush, Turbocharger, fuel injection pump, seal ring, oil pan, upper thrust plate, lower thrust plate, cylinder block, cylinder head, cylinder pad, tappet, push rod, bearing, oil pump, rocker arm, charger , Starter motor, bracket, pulley, camshaft, camshaft gear, water pump, return pipe, flywheel housing, actuator of electronic governor, electronic governor, parking solenoid, intercooler , Oil cooler, fan, bolt, plunger, O-ring, upper repair kit, lower repair kit, pump repair kit, AVR, rotating diode, DVR2000E, deep sea controller (DSE5110, DSE701K, DSE520, DSE5510, DSE5210) , BE23, GTR168, GCM668, voltmeter, ammeter, floating charger, battery, ABB air switch, LG air switch, ATS cabinet, and cabinet, etc.

Filters provide excellent protection for your machine, reducing your owning and operating costs. Including air filter, oil filter, fuel filter. Keeping your system clean is an important measure to reduce your owning and operating costs. Bur Jones filters are designed for Bur Jones machines and component systems to ensure the highest cleanliness and performance. This protection reduces wear and maximizes component life. The air filter is located in the engine's air intake system. It is an assembly consisting of one or several filter components that clean the air. Its main function is to filter out harmful impurities in the air that will enter the cylinder to reduce the early wear of the cylinder, piston, piston ring, valve and valve seat. Advantages: stable quality; reliable protection; long service life.

Lubricants and lubricants can reduce component wear and protect components from corrosion. Bur Jones designated lubricants are specifically designed for use in Bur Jones machines to significantly reduce wear such as abrasions and scratches, and to help prevent seizures. Bur Jones lubricants also have cleaning, lubricating, and cooling properties. Main functions and uses: Lubricants are liquid lubricants used in various types of machinery to reduce friction and protect machinery and processed parts. They are mainly used for lubrication, cooling, rust prevention, cleaning, sealing and buffering. Lubricating oil accounts for 85% of all lubricating materials, and there are many types and brands. Now the world's annual consumption is about 38 million tons. The general requirements for lubricating oil are: lubricating effect; cooling effect; washing effect; sealing effect; rust prevention effect; eliminating impact load.

The standard replacement cycle of the coolant is extended, with the best protection during this period. Coolant reduces maintenance costs, and the coolant is properly formulated to provide excellent protection against boiling and freezing. Bur Jones coolant works longer than other coolants and is extremely effective at protecting components. Units that use coolant cannot use water instead of coolant, otherwise the rubber seals will be damaged. The full name of the coolant should be called antifreeze coolant, which means coolant with antifreeze function. Antifreeze can prevent the coolant from freezing and swell the radiator and freeze the engine cylinder block or cover during cold winter shutdown. But we have to correct a misunderstanding that antifreeze is not only used in winter, it should be used throughout the year. Advantages: high boiling point; excellent anti-freeze corrosion resistance; no foam; prevent scale and precipitation; organic alkaline chemicals; 40-50% lower cost than traditional coolants.

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