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German diesel generator set

German MAN diesel engines, MAN marine engines, automotive engines, etc. have a global reputation. The world's first diesel engine was born in Germany in 1897. The sales volume of MAN marine engines ranks first in the world, and German MAN engines are also outstanding.

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German diesel generator setGerman MAN generator set

Main parameters of MAN diesel generator set in Germany

Generator set model Common power kWe / kVA Standby power kWe / kVA MAN engine model Displacement l Number of cylinders
FF275 220/275 240/300 D0836LE203 6.871 6L
FF375 300/375 330/413 D2866LE201 11.97 6L
FF400 320/400 350/438 D2866LE203 11.97 6L
FF438 350/438 385/481 D2876LE201 12.82 6L
FF500 400/500 440/550 D2876LE203 12.82 6L
FF563 450/563 500/625 D2840LE201 14.62 8V
FF625 500/625 550/688 D2840LE203 18.27 10V
FF688 550/688 600/750 D2842LE201 21.93 12V
FF750 600/750 630/788 D2842LE203 21.93 12V
FF800 640/800 672/840 D2842LE213 21.93 12V

MAN engine <br /> German MAN industrial heavy-duty engine, four-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled, exhaust turbocharged and intercooled.
Generators <br /> Select internationally renowned brands, Marathon, Stanford, Leila Somer or Inge; brushless, self-excitation, 4-pole, self-ventilated, rotating magnetic field, protection class IP23, insulation class "H" , Single bearing.
  Control panel
• LCD graphic display, Chinese and English interface, easy to read and program
• Programmable functions
• Automatic / manual start / stop of generator set
• Digital display of engine and generator parameters
• Monitor and control engine operating conditions
• Analog and digital inputs for up to 28 fault alarm and shutdown protection functions
• Genset auxiliary equipment control input and output
• Intelligent remote monitoring function, optional RS232 / 485 communication interface
• Remote monitoring can also be achieved through Modem, Modbus protocol
• Customized control system according to customers' different requirements

1. The technical parameters above are 1500RPM, frequency is 50HZ, rated voltage is 400 / 230V, power factor is 0.8, wiring mode is 3-phase 4-wire. 60HZ generator set can be customized according to the special needs of customers.
2. The generator can choose Stanford, Marathon, Shanghai Maggot, Guangzhou Inge, and other famous brands according to customer needs.
3.The standard diesel generator set of our company contains start-up battery and battery connection line, unit vibration damping pad, smoke exhaust pipe, bellows, etc.

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