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Diesel generator set control system

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The automatic parallel control screen is used in conjunction with the ESC (or EFI) diesel generator set to control two or more diesel generator sets to achieve automatic parallel operation. The control screen is based on a programmable control screen (instrument) as the control core, the original imported automatic synchronizer, automatic load distributor module is used as the detection control instrument, and the universal air circuit breaker with electronic release is used as the unit brake (main switch) ) And so on. The system has a series of functions such as automatic synchronizing of the unit, automatic load distribution, automatic loading and unloading of the parallel unit, reverse power protection, fault protection of the oil engine, and overload protection.

Automatic unit control screen is the most basic configuration of unattended automatic units. This screen can receive the remote start / stop group control signal (ATS control). Features: Adopting Czech COMAP intelligent controller, large screen LCD display; full Chinese (also English) operation, display menu; the unit has automatic, manual, shutdown (emergency stop) and other control functions, rich programmable output, Input interface and user-friendly interface, multi-function LCD display, can display the detected parameters at the same time through data, symbols, bar graph display; etc. can meet the needs of various automated units.

ATS-V series automatic load conversion screen adopts intelligent transfer switch controller. VITZRO-TECH Korea has a load transfer switch to realize automatic conversion of city power and generator three-phase power (four poles).

The standard unit control screen is the most basic configuration to meet the normal operation and use of the unit. It has the advantages of easy operation, complete functions and reliable protection. The panel has operation buttons such as power on, preheat, start, stop (emergency stop) and so on. When a fault alarm occurs, the control screen will issue a light (audible) alarm for the corresponding fault while controlling the unit to stop.

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