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Automatic diesel generator

The automatic diesel generator set adopts the brand generator and Cummins, VOLVO and 135, 95 series and other famous brand diesel engines are elastically connected by single bearing or double bearing. The power range is 10-500kW. This series of units are widely used in national defense, post and telecommunications, hospitals, high-rise buildings, commercial buildings, industrial and mining enterprises, oil fields, highways, ports and sports venues as a common or emergency power source for communication, power and lighting.

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Natural gas generator set

I. Features of Fengfa Automatic Diesel Generator
1. Maintain the continuity and reliability of power supply.
The diesel generator set automatic control system can accurately and quickly regulate the operation of the diesel generator set.
When abnormal conditions occur in the generator set, the automatic control system can judge and deal with it in time, issue corresponding alarm signals and emergency shutdown to avoid damage to the generator set. At the same time, it can automatically start the standby generator set, shorten the power outage time and ensure the continuity of power supply.
2. Improve the power quality index and operating economy, and keep all electrical equipment in good working condition. Electrical equipment has high requirements on the frequency and voltage of electrical energy, and the allowable deviation range is very small. Automatic voltage regulator keeps the voltage constant, and the governor is used to adjust the frequency. Automatic diesel power stations rely on automatic adjustment devices to complete the adjustment of frequency and useful power.
3. Speed up the control and operation process and improve the continuity and stability of the system. After the automation of the diesel power station is realized, the operating conditions and the system requirements can be changed in a timely manner. The unit operation process is carried out in a predetermined order without interruption, and the completion status can be continuously monitored. Take the emergency start generator set as an example, if it is manually operated, it will take 5-7 minutes at the fastest. If automatic control is adopted, it will usually start successfully in less than 10 seconds and restore power supply.
4. Reduce operating energy and improve working conditions. The environmental conditions during the operation of the equipment room are extremely harsh, affecting the health of the operator. Automatic control systems create conditions for unattended operations.

Second, the main functions of the automatic diesel generator set <br /> As a standby power supply, the automatic diesel generator set should have the following basic functions:
Automatic start When the mains fails, power failure, undervoltage, overvoltage, or phase loss, the unit can automatically start, automatically increase speed, and automatically close to supply power to the load.
Automatic shutdown When the mains power is restored and it is judged normal, the control switch will complete the automatic switching from power generation to mains power, and then control the unit to reduce speed and stop automatically after idling for 3 minutes.
During the operation of the automatic protection unit, if the oil pressure is too low, the speed is too high, or the voltage is abnormal, an emergency stop will be issued at the same time, and an audible and visual alarm signal will be issued if there is a high water temperature or high oil temperature fault. Then the sound and light alarm signal will be stopped after a delay.
Three start function The unit has three start functions. If the first start is unsuccessful, the unit will start again after a 10 second delay. If the second start is unsuccessful, the unit will start a third time after the delay. As long as one of the three start-ups succeeds, it runs down according to the preset program. If three consecutive start-ups are unsuccessful, it is regarded as a start-up failure and an audible and visual alarm signal can be sent to control the start of another unit.
Automatically maintain the quasi-start state The unit can automatically maintain the quasi-start state. At this time, the unit's automatic periodic pre-oil supply system, oil and water heating system, and battery automatic charging device are put into operation.
With maintenance start-up function When the unit has not been started for a long time, it can perform maintenance start-up to check the performance and status of the unit. Maintenance-based startup does not affect the normal power supply of the city power supply. If there is a failure of the city power supply during maintenance startup, the system will automatically switch to the normal power-on state and be powered by the unit.
With manual and automatic operation modes .

Third, the hardware design of the automatic diesel generator control system
1. Select the PLC model according to the required number of input and output points. According to the control requirements of the automation unit, the number of PLC input points required is 11 and the number of output points is 12. The control quantity of the system is basically the switching quantity, and only the voltage and speed are analog quantities. In order to reduce the cost, the analog quantity can be converted into a switching quantity through a detection circuit. In this way, a PLC without analog input can be selected. This system uses C28P-CDR-D small programmable controller with high reliability and small size. The number of input points is 16 and the number of output points is 12. The power, input and output voltages are all 24VDC.
2. Allocate PlC input and output: Control PLc input and output signals according to the control requirements and electrical principles of the automation unit.
3. Program design of the control system: When the switch of the automatic unit is set to the automatic position, the unit is in a quasi-starting state. The PLC performs uninterrupted cycle detection on the city power, and the pre-supply pump periodically supplies oil to the diesel engine's lubricating oil channel. The cooling water and oil temperature of the diesel engine can ensure the emergency start of the unit at any time. In the quasi-start state, once the mains fails, such as power failure, undervoltage, overvoltage, and lack of power, and after 5 seconds of confirmation, the PLc control unit automatically starts, automatically rises to the rated speed, and automatically protects the input. When the unit works normally, the control transfer switch is switched to the power generation state, and the combination brake supplies power to the load. When the city power returns to normal, after confirming the delay for 5 seconds, the unit output switch is turned off, the control switch is switched to the city power state, the unit automatically slows down to the idle state, and it automatically shuts down normally after 3 minutes of operation, and the unit is in a quasi-start state.

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