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Low noise diesel generator set

Low-noise diesel generator sets are carefully designed with the introduction of foreign low-noise generator and engine technologies; advanced design concepts and complete varieties. In addition to the functions of a series of diesel generator sets, the product also has the following characteristics: low unit noise, compact overall structure, and small space occupation; all the boxes are detachable structure, the box is made of steel plate splicing, and the surface is coated with high Performance anti-rust paint, with both noise reduction and rainproof functions; the interior of the box adopts a multilayer barrier impedance mismatched muffler structure and a built-in large impedance muffler. The structure of the cabinet is reasonably designed. There is a large-capacity fuel tank inside the cabinet, and there are two maintenance doors on the left and right for the unit to troubleshoot. At the same time, an observation window and an emergency shutdown fault button are opened on the cabinet to observe the operation of the unit. Conditions and the fastest shutdown to avoid damage to the unit in the event of an emergency

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Low noise diesel generator setLow-noise generator set

Low-noise power stationSilent generator set

Low noise diesel generator setLow noise generator

1. The noise standard complies with ISO3744.
2. The interior uses special sound-absorbing materials, and the built-in silencer makes the structure compact. Good ventilation and radiation protection structure.
3. The specially processed cabinet is fully adapted to the requirements of all-weather use.
4. Observation windows are set at a reasonable position of the box for easy observation and operation.
5. Specially set shock absorbers make the unit run quietly and smoothly.
6. The large-capacity base tank eliminates the need for installation and connection.
[Attribute 1] SF Series Silent Diesel Generator [Attribute 2] The mute effect is obvious, and the test noise value 1 meter away from the unit is lower than the international standard of silent noise.
[Attribute three] The structure is compact and beautiful, convenient to move, safe and reliable, and is especially suitable for power supply for villas, communications, and field operations.

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