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Mobile power cart

The design of the power car is unique and innovative, with high mobility, low center of gravity, safe braking, excellent manufacturing and beautiful appearance.

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Power cartCar power station

Power cartCar power station

Car power stationCar power station

Power car features:

1.Special design using national catalog models without changing the body shape and main body shape
2.The shock absorbing and thermal insulation device is used between the generator set and the car chassis
3, according to environmental protection requirements, noise reduction treatment of the carriage
4. An emergency stop button is installed outside the carriage, and a fire extinguisher is installed in the carriage to ensure the safety of the power supply vehicle.
5. According to customer requirements, cable supports and twisted cable reels can be added, equipped with four-core rubber flexible cables and aviation quick sockets.
6.Configure AC / DC lighting
7. There are mechanical or hydraulic support devices under the vehicle chassis for customers to choose

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